Can we trust even the most reliable Binary Options brokers?

Honey, learn this once and for all. Binary Options brokers are not your friends. They make money when you lose. There I said it! It then leads us to two truths: One is that we can still make a subtancial income from binary options because we can be part of the minority who wins most of the trades and it’s fine. They can afford paying us. The second one will not make some of you happy but I’m here to tell you the truth for your own good. It deserves another title:

It’s not a business to get rich

Me and every single person I know who make a living from binary options know that we cannot leave a lot of money in the broker. We ask for withdrawals constanly. Some people I know even do it every 2 days. I usually do it every Friday. We don’t look at account growth % anymore, but instead we base our gains on some kind of daily or weekly salary. We make, we withdraw. The structure of the binary options business is not designed to make us rich. At most we’ll have an income, as in a “salary”, sometimes higher than any job you’ve ever had. So if you are mastering well the market and aim to get rich, I suggest you start doing forex too so you can trade higher amounts and not have the broker against you. I remember when I was started trading, I was a big fan of those compound interest calculators and created the illusion I was going to be a millionaire in a few years. Well, it never happened. Lol. I know today it doesn’t happen this way.  Reinforcing: In the beginning it’s more important to focus on being a good trader rather than making money itself.