I decided to turn the trading method I personally use into a commerciable system and make it a second business of mine. So you’ll find it here for sale.


If you haven’t read my blog posts, I urge you to. Everything I wrote is part of the Binary Lifestyle® System pack. Your success pack. So, make sure you read everything if you are serious about making some substantial money from this business.

A little word before we continue. I trade because I became good at it and because it gives me the lifestyle I’ve always longed for. Money and free time. I am originally from Brazil but this business has allowed me to spend my days now travelling through Europe, spending most of my time between France and Spain trading as a job and writing as a hobby.


I was reluctant to sell this method at first because if I trade to be the owner of my time and schedule, and selling always implies customer service, answering questions, giving support, etc, I didn’t want to sacrifice my freedom business to be everyday on the computer acting as a sales person. That’s why I set a fair price for this whole thing to be worth it for me and for you. I know of $3,000, $1,000 and $800 systems being sold out there as we speak, and I assure you, my system is BETTER than any of those I know. And cheaper.

I want this to be the last trading system you use. I want your search to be over. If you are a newbie, I don’t want you to make the same mistake I’ve made in wasting money in stuff that either don’t work or stop working after a while, as market changes cycles. My system has timeproof principles that will never get obsolete.

I am not a professional sales person or internet marketer. I prefer to put effort in writing useful stuff and not on seductive sales pitches or fancy layouts and images. 
Nevertheless, this is the best system I’ve known and used so far. You have my word on that.


The Binary Options Lifestyle® System


This system works with timeproof principles such as support & resistance, tops and bottoms and a specially designed indicator that simulates the fight between buyers and sellers within each candle. When you combine those 3 powerful indicators with a nice alert feature, you’ll have a money making machine in your hands. Forget about all those repainting “stuff“. You won’t find those here.


You can make a living off Binary Options by trading only a few hours everyday (if not less), anytime you want. London session, New York session or Asian session.


What you’ll you get with your purchase:

  • 1 lifetime license of the system;
  • A pdf manual explaining everything in detail;
  • My personal e-mail for lifetime support; 
  • A report teaching my personal trick to have a steady 95% winning rate that will blow your mind! (I’ll teach how to do the same);
  • Privileges in my upcoming forex project.


This is what our charts look like. Clean, easy to trade and yet extremely effective:


images thumb

Download the manual here: The Binary Options Lifestyle® System


It can be yours for 250€ (euros if Paypal) / $250 (US dollars if Neteller or Skrill) or if you prefer to use part of this money for yourself, I have a super deal for you!


If you open a new account at Bull Binary with the link below, it will cost you as follows:

First deposit $100 or more = The system will cost 150€ (or $150)
First deposit $200 or more  = The system will cost 50€ (or $50)
First deposit $500 or more = The system is FREE


*Bull Binary is a regulated broker that I personally approve and recommend.




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